9.0 Evolving Technologies

10% 9.0 Evolving Technologies


9.1 Cloud

9.1.a Compare and contrast Cloud deployment models

9.1.a (i) Infrastructure, platform, and software services (XaaS)

9.1.a (ii) Performance and reliability

9.1.a (iii)Security and privacy

9.1.a (iv)Scalability and interoperability

9.1.b Describe Cloud implementations and operations

9.1.b (i) Automation and orchestration

9.1.b (ii) Workload mobility

9.1.b (iii)Troubleshooting and management

9.1.b (iv)OpenStack components


9.2 Network programmability (SDN)

9.2.a Describe functional elements of network programmability (SDN) and how they


9.2.a (i) Controllers

9.2.a (ii) APIs

9.2.a (iii)Scripting

9.2.a (iv)Agents

9.2.a (v) Northbound vs. Southbound protocols

9.2.b Describe aspects of virtualization and automation in network environments

9.2.b (i) DevOps methodologies, tools and workflows

9.2.b (ii) Network/application function virtualization (NFV, AFV)

9.2.b (iii)Service function chaining

9.2.b (iv)Performance, availability, and scaling considerations


9.3 Internet of Things

9.3.a Describe architectural framework and deployment considerations for Internet of

Things (IoT)

9.3.a (i) Performance, reliability and scalability

9.3.a (ii) Mobility

9.3.a (iii)Security and privacy

9.3.a (iv)Standards and compliance

9.3.a (v) Migration

9.3.a (vi)Environmental impacts on the network