Defining AP output power and channel assignments

  • One mistake that many people make during the site survey is leaving the access point radio at the default full-power setting.
  • A 2.4 GHz radio transmitting at 100 mW will often cause interference with other
    access point coverage cells simply because it is generating too much power.
  • APs set to full power can cause a hidden node problem.
  • A good starting point for a 2.4 GHz access point is 25 mW transmit power.
  • After the site survey is performed, the power can be increased if needed to meet unexpected coverage needs, or it can be decreased to meet capacity needs.
  • When you are designing for coverage during a site survey, the normal recommended best practice is to provide for a –70 dBm or stronger received signal, which is well above the noise floor.
  • When you are designing for WLANs with VoWiFi clients, a –67 dBm or stronger signal that is even higher above the noise is recommended.