Reporting methodology

After the physical survey is performed, you will deliver to the customer a professional and comprehensive final report. Additional reports and customer recommendations may
also be included with the final report.

This report should provide detailed instructions on how to install and configure the proposed network so that anyone could read the report and understand your

After the interview process has been completed and the survey has been conducted, a final report must be delivered to the customer.

  • Purpose Statement
    • The final report should begin with a WLAN purpose statement that stipulates the customer requirements and business justification for the WLAN.
  • Spectrum Analysis
    • Be sure to identify potential sources of interference.
  • RF Coverage Analysis
    • Define RF cell boundaries.
  • Hardware Placement and Configuration
    • Recommend AP placement, antenna orientation, channel reuse pattern, power
      settings, and any other AP-specific information such as installation techniques and cable routing.
  • Capacity and Performance Analysis
    • Include results from application throughput testing, which is sometimes an optional analysis report included with the final survey report.
  • Pictures
    • Site survey reports often include pictures that were taken with a digital camera during the survey
    • Pictures can be used to record AP placement
    • Identify problems such as interfering RF devices or potential installation problems

Additional Reports

  • Implementation Diagrams
    • The implementation diagram is basically a wireless topology map that illustrates where the access points will be installed and how the wireless network will be integrated into the existing wired infrastructure.
    • AP placement, VLANs, and layer 3 boundaries will all be clearly defined.
  • Project Schedule and Costs
    • A detailed deployment schedule should be drafted that outlines all:
    • Timelines
    • Equipment costs
    • Labor costs.
    • Schedule dependencies, such as delivery times and licensing, if applicable.
  • Security Solution Recommendations
    • Security expectations should be discussed during the site survey interview.
    • Based on these discussions, the surveying company will make comprehensive wireless security recommendations.
    • All aspects of authentication, authorization, accounting, encryption, and segmentation should be included in the security recommendations documentation.
  • Wireless Policy Recommendations
    • An addendum to the security recommendations might be corporate wireless policy recommendations.
    • You might need to assist the customer in drafting a wireless network security policy if they do not already have one.
  • Training Recommendations
    • Recommend that wireless administration and security training sessions be scheduled with the customer’s network personnel